O Mundo é o Meu Quintal is personal project, where I draw about every single thing I see and learn on my way. In the beginning it was an unpretentious project to send postcards to my parents, who never traveled abroad, my way of spreading physical love in times of liquid relations. Now it has more than 700 comic strips and a dozen notebooks with notes on culture, clippings on various themes extracted from the most diverse books on the world. theme access, library, city uses, transportation, migration, opportunities, choices, among others. It’s also a littlend encourage other women to seek their space and be whatever they want.

For O Mundo é o Meu Quintal was developed comics for social media, products, postcard, book, stickers, patters and others surfaces.

Type Social Media, Blog, Visual Storytelling, Book, Illustration, Product, Postcard, Stamps.