Etérea Design

is not only a design studio, it’s a way of “life-work” that works since 2008, when I decided I’d like
to work learning in different places and chanceexperiences with unknown people.

I always wanted to keeping learning and bring some improvements to people, who cross my way. 
Do we enrich ourselves by our differences. What is the best way to get in touch with a high degree
of otherness than in movement?

As an octopus lover, I can have many differente things in my hand at the same time.
I also make illustrations about an incomplete and imaginary world. Our world was not enough to me. 

Freedom to create is fundamental in my process. I reach that freedom through getting to know cities,
learning how they work and how people perceive them – and especially where I am in this great gear,
which people call the world, but I call lovingly “my backyard.” My unpretentious joke that turned
the project “The World is My Backyard”, where I collect, something like a diary, all that I see and
feel in my way.

The work is mostly done remotely, but I’m flexible to migrate and do a project anywhere in the world. 
I develop it from different parts of the world and my remote office has been in Milano [ Italy ],
Yantai [ China ], Miami [ USA ] and is currently Köln [ Germany ], but I nowadays also do projects 
with Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Macau and Canada.