Is not only a design studio, it’s a way of “work-love-life” since 2008, when I decided I’d like to work width all kind of people.

I always wanted to keeping learning and help people so they can benefit from it, who ever crosses my way! We can profit from each other as we are all different to some degree.

Freedom to create is fundamental in my process. I reach that freedom through getting to know cities, learning how they work and how people perceive them – and especially where I am in this great gear, which people call the world, but I call lovingly “my backyard.”

I develop all projects from different parts of the world width the help of my laptop and home office that i carry width my backpack. Eterea Design have been to Italy, China, Hong Kong, United States, Vienna, Germany, and is always searching for new places to create something and get inspiration.

Work is mostly done from here but am flexible as to time and place for a project anywhere in this world and as a self-emploeyd graphic designer, I work fo both brands and agencies. I am avaiable for short-term and long-term projects, co-located anywhere in the world or remote.